Sites around London

Places to visit around London (Day Trip)

Ever felt like going on a day trip near London? There are beautiful places to see within a short distance from London where you can spend the whole day.

I have been to the places bellow

  1. Cotswold villages
  2. Stratford upon Avon
  3. Oxford University


Stow of the Wold
The roads of Stow of the Wold

I have always dreamed from my childhood ,when I read my first Enid Blyton’s Fairy Tale book, to go to a fairy wonderland where people live is warm cottages with thatched roofs. They go in small sweet shops and cafes and are just happy living their cozy simple lives.

That is what I saw in the Cotswold villages. The beautiful winding road lined with petite shops right out of a fairy tale book. I first went to the Stow on the Wold village. The most interesting place here was a shop where they sold all kinds of brooms.

It was fun to roam around in the streets of Stow on the Wold. Although people really lived in these villages, I felt that they had more visitors than their own population.

Stratford upon Avon

Henley Street
Henley Street

“Shakespeare”!! An English literature enthusiast or just a person who has read more than 10 books in English knows about Shakespeare. Stratford Upon Avon is his birthplace. Imagine, all those Romances like Romeo & Juliet, the Tragedies like Julius Caesar ….. were written by a person born in this village.

Shakespeare was born to quite a wealthy merchant. Infact his father has his own glove shop and also would rent out places for “lodging and Boarding”. A very interesting fact to note is that the words originated in that era as well. People used to rent out a single “board”/ lodge to sleep on.

In this little village upon the Avon river, you find that very house in which he was born. It is the biggest house on the famous street called Henley Street.

The tudor house creeked as we explored its inside. The hall was a reception for the lodgers and boarders. Going inside, the dining table was placed close to the fireplace probably to keep warm during eating. The bedroom was small. Four-poster beds with a pot on the side ( to do your thing:P) and blankets neatly tucked into the side ropes were in the bedroom.

The Henley Street was busy with cream-tea and candy shops along its sides. It also had cute little magic and Christmassy shops where one could find little showpieces to keep on the mantle.

The Avon River had barges floating on where they served freshly made bagels.

Barges on theAvon
Barges of the Avon

We tried cream-tea and blueberry cupcake at a tiny street shop and it was Delicioussss.

This is the best place to go if you want a small trip from London and are Literature fans 🙂


Who hasn’t heard of the famous Oxford University? It is considered such a prestige to be learning there.


Streets of Oxford
Streets of Oxford

So yes, I visited this prestigious Uni this summer. Not only is this University known for its high class education but being built in the 1090’s, its architecture, history and culture is quite exquisite. From the fairy like land of the Cotswold villages, you enter this place of magnificent buildings and arches and domes and you are truly transported back in time. The city architecture reminded me of a book I had read, the Golden Compass. If anyone of you have read it then you will be reminded of it time and again as you walk through the streets of Oxford.

When I visited Oxford, it was pouring like crazy. We could not cover a lot of colleges because they were closed so be sure to check the openings before visiting Oxford.


There are 38 colleges in the University of Oxford each with its internal structure and activities. We visited the Christ Church College. If you are interested in history and science then there are museums like the Ashmolean museum and the University of Oxford Natural History Museum that are worth visiting. If interested in gardens, trees and plants, then a visit to the Botanic Garden (the oldest in Britain) or the Harcourt Arboretum which contains various species of trees is a must. It looks especially beautiful in autumn.


The Christ Church College
The Christ Church College


So here’s three places near London which you can visit in a single day. Let me know if you have visited any of these places and also if there are others nearby. This is surely not an exhaustive list but provides a starting point to confused amateur travellers.

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