What we ate in South Africa

We(I and my fiancee) had been long deciding about where to book our honeymoon when some friend of his suggested South Africa. We finalised on it as it seemed to be a mix-bag of adventure, scenic places, culture and vibrant cuisine.

South Africa offers a wide range of cuisine influenced by its indigenous population and also by the Dutch, French, Italian, British, Indian and Malaysian. It’s truly a potpourri in there.


We started our journey at Capetown. We tried Ethiopian dishes as well as sushi here.

Ethiopian platter at Adis in Cape

As soon as we climbed up the stairs to this small restaurant, we were welcomed into the brightly decorated ambience. There were umbrellas on the ceiling and the seating was very different with small chairs arranged around a short cane table

Ethiopian food mainly consists of spicy vegetable and meat dishes..though they were not as spicy to our Indian spices-accustomed tongue. We enjoyed a delicious spread of pumpkin, cabbage, pulses, chicken and beef gravies. They had served it with a tangy tomato salsa. All this on a plate of thin pancakes (Dosas).

Ethiopian platter

Sushi at Minato

While roaming in the pleasant weather of Capetown on the lively Long Street, I suddenly had the urge to dig my teeth into some delicious sushi. And there was a restaurant, Minato just for that. We ordered a meal for 2, but the portions were large. The ambience in there was soothing and homely and the sushi was out of the world .. yumm. We also had tempura fish.


Mossel Bay

Next we went on to Mossel Bay.  A quiet town situated on the coast, it offers fresh and delicious sea food.

Focaccia and Sea food at Delfinos

I still remember the candle-lit dinner at the beautiful Delfino’s listening to the sounds of waves as they crashed against the rocks. The focaccia there was crispy and garlicky, the sea food platter fresh and the pasta warm and tasty.


One thing I noticed in South Africa is that most of the cafes there also have art displays. One such place was the Art Cafe just on the beach.

Seafood at the Art Cafe

While waiting for the skies to clear up for our sky-diving, we had some snacks at this artsy place. The sea food platter (consisting of calamari, hake, prawns and mussels) was so good. The butter-garlic sauce with the mussels was especially delicious.


The Knysna waterfront proved to be quite surprising in terms of weather. Chilly winds and light rain left us hungry for warm homely food.

Bunny chow at Knysna

Ever since we decided to visit this place, I was excited to try this local dish. Bunny chow is chicken-liver tossed in a veggies gravy and served with soft bread. It was very flavourful as can be seen in the mouth-watering image.

bunny chow
bunny chow

This was accompanied by the usual British fish and chips.


Pizza at Cafe Mario

During our 2 evenings at Knysna, this Italian cafe ( Cafe Mario) was always busy. So on our third evening we decided to visit this place early enough to get a seat. And it surely lived upto its name.

Chicken pizza
chicken pizza

Oysters at Ocean’s Basket

Knysna is also famous for its annual oyster festival which attracts people from all over the world. The oysters at Ocean’s basket were nice and so were the veg dishes. The maki was bite sized and tasty, so was the soup.

Mussels in butter garlic lemon sauce
Mussels in Butter garlic lemon sauce

Tramezzini at George Airport 

Well, yes. Hungry us also ate like a hog at the George Airport while leaving Knysna. The cafe had just opened up at around 7:30 in the morning. We had a sumptuous meal of tramezzini ( an Italian dish consisting of stuffed pita bread) and a humble chicken wrap. They made our tummies happy 🙂

Chicken wrap
chicken wrap

Suncity, Johannesburg

We had mostly Chinese and Thai food at various restaurants in Suncity. The chicken pad-thai noodles were slightly sweet while the thai curry was sooo hot.

Another interesting restaurant we visited here served Portugese cuisine.

Cheese Garlic bread and pickles at Callisto

I just fell in love with the pickle and bread they served as a complimentary starter there. The cheese garlic bread was equally good .. I have never eaten such a soft yet beautifully flavoured and very cheesy garlic bread in my life.

Pickle and Bread


And our trip ended at Johannesburg. Though we couldn’t try all of the local dishes like Biltong, I think we did a good job for our curious foodie inside (atleast we didn’t eat Indian food there which was very easily available and which most Indians prefer). Will add the remaining dishes to our bucket-list 😛

More posts on our South African adventure coming up. So long…


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