Staying at the Palace in SunCity

Our honeymoon itinerary included a one-night stay at the Soho at Suncity, Johannesburg. But as we reached the reception desk, we were slightly surprised to find the hotel overbooked. To our immense pleasure, the kind hotel manager upgraded our stay to the Palace (a five+ star hotel) at Suncity.

The Gazelle head fountain at the entrance

We were escorted to our chauffer driven Mercedes C class :D. We were quite taken aback by this royal treatment. The hotel’s entrance amongst lush green trees and the statue welcoming us was indeed magnificent.

The main building

We were guided and checked-in to a nice cozy suite room. The best part was obviously the bathroom which was more like a spa room.

Arches and passages
African elephant statue
African elephant statue

The views inside the hotel were amazing. From the pool to the beautiful palace-like architecture, from the amazing Dining hall to the private forest trails, from the well landscaped gardens to a exclusive path directly to the Valley of Waves (a major attraction of Suncity), the Palace residents surely enjoyed a luxury treatment.

The trees and lakes inside the palace


The continuous sound of water flowing through system of waterways built inside with mini-waterfalls in areas and birds chirping through the trees was such a delight to the ears.

The magnificent dining hall

We spent the evening sipping high tea at the dining hall and enjoyed some of the sweet treats offered there.

The hotel also provided in-room spa massages which were so relaxing…

Valley of Waves
Valley of Waves

The next day, we had fun exploring the Valley of Waves and areas surrounding the Palace. We went on short crocodile trail too.

Valley of Waves deck
Valley of waves deck
The wave pool
The wave pool
The beaches at Valley of waves
The beach at valley of waves

All in all it was a wonderful day. The sun, sand and forests made it all the more beautiful.

The Valley of Waves offered a wide range of adventures like rope crossing, mazes, cave explorations. One could also relax at the beach enjoying ice-lollies and bathing in the sun.

The elephant passage
The elephant passage

Our stay at the Palace was truly a memorable one. We experienced royal treatment first-hand. This was definitely luxury at its best.

Looking forward to more such adventures. So long … 🙂

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