Ways to relax after a stressful day

Work and travel can get really stressful at times. Sometimes its the errors I get stuck on while coding, sometimes its the traffic. There are many things out of your control that can make you stressed/ frustrated and even unhappy at times.


Even if you are back home the same thoughts keep ringing in your head. This makes it difficult to go to sleep and can even lead to snappy behaviour (my husband stands witness :P). At times like these, I feel it is important to calm yourself down and change your mood to happy again.

Here are some of the activities that help me relax –


Watching Youtube calming hauls/ lifestyle channels

My favourite way of relaxing is to wrap myself up in a warm blanket and tune in to youtube while sipping tea/coffee. Some of my favourite videos to watch are clothes/beauty/homeware hauls. I like listening to the chatter of some youtubers like Zoella, Eltoria and Freddy My Love. I avoid highly excitable videos as they will increase my anxiety levels. After a few videos, I am the same happy self i was earlier.


Reading my favourite books (fantasy) 

I prefer reading books I already know the story of. This avoids getting me excited as to what will happen next in the books. Some of my go to books are mostly fantasy reads like Harry Potter, The Book thief or classics like Little Women, Black Beauty. I am soon transported into another world and as calm as ever.


Bath and skin care routine

When I am feeling especially dirty and greasy after a long day, I invest my time in some skin care. Having a warm bath helps. Also I personally feel that fragrances, let that be of the soaps/ body lotions/ perfumes, are quite relaxing and can uplift my mood.

Catch-up with friends/family

Sometimes you get so involved in your work or obligations that you don’t have time to catch up with your friends both near and far away. A call to my college friends, or a mini catch up with family helps me rethink my position and I realize how irrelevant my problems are in the bigger picture. Getting to know how your friends’ or familys’ day was helps me both relax and get connected again.

Browsing through Pinterest

I am fond of good travel or landscape photos. Just browsing through the beautiful Pinterest feed leaves me quite inspired and motivated. I renew my travel goals. Also following boards of my favourite things (like rains/ coffee/ travel/ home interiors) keeps my feed really cool. 😛


Sketching or colouring

If I really want to free myself from all the thoughts, I pick up my husband’s iPad and start sketching/drawing something. The tools in procreate really get me involved and I don’t have time for other thoughts then. I have also tried adult colouring books but they didn’t quite help me.

My advice to you all is find something that you really loved as a child or something that helps you forget the world around you to help you relax. If you are feeling disconnected, catch up with your friends/family. Find something that gives you energy and keep yourself happy, inspired and motivated.

Hope the above gave you some ideas of having a relaxed evening. Do share your ways of relaxing to.

Thanks and so long …. 🙂

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