I love perfume and fragrances, and who doesn’t right? Many a times, a perfume or fragrance reminds me of a particular memory or takes me back to a different place. Up until recently, I didn’t know that there are various notes associated with perfumes and there is a whole world out there that can be explored – fragrance wise. A few months back I was introduced to this youtube channel called ‘Ami Loves Perfume’ and her hauls about different perfumes got me hooked. There is also this website called which discusses different categories of perfumes and also has a forum for discussions.


Anyways, I was overwhelmed by the sheer content and vastness about all these perfumes hence I started paying more attention to the notes of the perfumes I already owned. I also tested some at the local supermarket to get to know more about which notes I like and which I don’t. Currently my favourite notes include bergamot, lavender, patchouli and mostly marine notes. I am not a fan of super sugary scents or those too spicy too. But gently sweet and fresh fragrances do uplift my spirits.

Living in India means the weather is warm all year round, many a times tending to hot. So fresh scents help you feel cool in summers and can really make you feel happy. Fragrance is also a part of many traditions, like in India people spray rose water while welcoming guests to a wedding, apply ‘attar’ (or concentrated perfume) on the back of hands during certain rituals. Women also adorn their hair with ‘gajras’ or flower garlands.


Coming back to my perfume collection, here’s a list. They aren’t necessarily women perfumes as I quite love men perfumes with notes of marine and lavender. The following list does not stick to a particular category (like aqua/floral/fruity) but all of them are quite affordable.

Davidoff Coolwater


Victoria’s Secret – Love star


Versace Yellow Diamond


Acqua Di gio – Aqua


Calvin Klien – one gold


Has anyone of you used these perfumes? If you have some more to recommend please do so. I would be glad to know what all perfumes you use.

Till then.. Byeeee…




2 thoughts on “Perfumes

  1. I personally like Hugo Red, Nike Up or Down, and UCB united dreams
    also love Ajmal’s perfume which is located in Commercial Street, Bengaluru


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